The Data Protection Bill 2021

(This Bill has since been withdrawn and a new Version is expected to be presented )


Current Status

  The Copy of the Bill titled Personal Data Protection Bill 2019 which had been vetted and modified by a Join Parliamentary Committee and re-titled as "Data Protection Act 20xx" has since been withdrawn.

  Several reasons have been ascribed including that the Government would like to come up with a more comprehensive and perfect Bill. In the meantime, Indian Data Protection regime continues to be ruled by Information Technology Act 2000,(ITA 2000)  Section 43A in particular alogn with the rules notified in April 2011 .
Copy of the "Reasonable Securoty Practice" rules are available here:
Information Technology (Reaasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive personal data or informtion)Rules, 2011.
  There is a distinct possibility that the new version of the Data Protection Act may include "Non Personal Data Protection"  provisions presently in the ITA 2000 and try to come up wtih a single unified law for protection and governance of both Personal data and Non Personal Data.
We shall follow the developments and readers can watch the developments  in and
Naavi in the meantime is tryoing to put together thoughts for the new law through a series of articles under the series "Shape of Things to Come-New Data Protection Act of India".
These articles will also be published on